In November 2017 I launched issue 1 of Hopped, a magazine that celebrates the thriving craft beer scene in the UK.

Created from the ground up, I built a social media following, developed relationships with brewers and enthusiasts, and then brought together a small band of equally passionate people to design, edit and write Hopped.

As a small publication, most of the sales are via the relationships I’ve built with breweries and bottle-shops, but we needed to be available online, too. Because the pathways into that purchase journey are mostly via our social media channels or friends we’ve made in real life, and because the team’s so tiny, I designed the website to be super-simple and transaction-focused, with the minimum of upkeep needed. I created a design system that would work for a more sprawling, content-rich site too, though, to fit in with our plans for the future.

Role  Editor, Designer, Writer and Owner

John Thackray
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