In October 2018 The Guitar Magazine was sold to Singaporean start-up BandLab Technologies. The first objective for the team following the acquisition was to transform the brand from print focused to digital first without isolating the current readership.

My role within this was to lead the design side of the re-brand. This involved creating identities for the new umbrella brand and sub-brands, I worked alongside the developer and brand design teams in Singapore to create a new reader friendly website, as well as working with the content team in Bath to redesign the magazine so it felt more contemporary and would stand out within the chaos of the newsstand.

The biggest challenges within this project have been to quickly develop a new way of working with teams and stakeholders who are in a time zone 7 hours ahead of me, maintaining the regular work of laying out the pages for the monthly magazine and its digital marketing graphics along with making sure the print deadlines are met and dedicating time to the rebrand.


The whole project ran from 22nd October to 21st December 2018.

Role  Lead Designer and Art Editor

Company  BandLab Technologies

Design Team  Three

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